Kevin P. Keenan (Born 1987, Pennsylvania) is a sound artist, carpenter, producer, and musician living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He mostly concerns himself with interrogating the emotional relationships of people and sound.

Kevin is currently an artist in residence at The Painted Bride Art Center, in Philadelphia, PA.

His debut work, Performance is an interactive sound installation that takes physical control from participants and immediately gives aural feedback to those same participants.  This loop generates a one time performance for any other co-participants who have then become performers themselves. Doing so inverts the dynamic of expectations between artist and spectator as the work only responds to movement, prompting participants to interact with the work directly to experience it.

Single person exhibitions:

2018 - PERFORMANCE (debut): Everybody Hits, Philadelphia, PA

Group works:

2018 - WHAT’S HAPPENING (Performance II), The Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

2017 - ENDE TYMES 8 - Live improvised soundtrack composition and mixing, in collaboration with filmmaker Lily Jue Sheng, Outpost Artist Resources, Brooklyn, NY



Photo By Brandon Kuzma